About Me

I grew up with a diverse background in fine arts, including painting, drawing, sculpting photography, and graphic design. After completing my Bachelor's of Science in Fine Art Graphic Design and Psychology at UW-Platteville, I worked as a photographer. It was my work at the photography studio that lead me to discover makeup, which is basically art reflected onto the human canvas. Soon after, I studied Aesthetics and Makeup at the Institute of Beauty and wellness, where I learned a variety of makeup techniques.

I have been doing makeup for over 7 years. Starting with photography makeup, and bridal makeup, I have expanded to makeup for film, and videos. I have been trained in many styles and techniques of makeup, and am always eager to try new things and expand my abilities with new and challenging projects, learning as they present themselves.

I have a wide range up makeup abilities. I can do natural, everyday makeup (including makeup for men), more dramatic makeup looks including smoky eyes, classic pinup makeup, and basic bridal makeup, as well as airbrush makeup for any occasion. I can get more creative, and do more stylized, avante garde and fashion makeup, including colorful and patterned looks. I can create for you many different types of character makeup, including old age makeup, tired or sick makeup, corpse or zombie makeup, as well as specific makeup to fit a the needs of a certain character. I can do trauma and injury makeup, including bruises, scars, cuts, and other out of kit injury makeups. Most recently I have begun to delve into the world of prosthetics, creating intestines and skin, as well as wounds that are created beforehand, and applied to the actor later.